EyeNet21  - Submission Rules

Submission Rules

  • When submitting, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description for your link.
  • The title and description must reflect the content that a user would find on your site.
  • Your site can not display popups, or attempt to install any software on the user's computer.
  • Your site should be complete with all links working, and with a generous amount of content. If your site is new, please consider making sure it is both complete and worthwhile to a potential user before submitting to the directory.
  • Sites containing content that is not legal in all parts of the World, or is not legally viewed by children will NOT be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to reject any submission for reasons outside the rules stated above. If your site is rejected for reasons other than those stated above you will be given a refund.


Thanks for doing your part to make this a quality site.


- eyeNet21